Sunday, November 3, 2013

Family Reunion Booklet - June 3, 2013

Family Reunion Booklet
Length – try and keep the book manageable and most importantly readable. Normally the booklet should be between 25 -100 pages.
Front Cover – Group photo taken at the last reunion.  At every reunion we take a photo of all who are present to use in the next reunion booklet. If you are having a 5, 10, 25 year anniversary family reunion, I recommend using a new group photo for the front and an old group photo from the early reunions for the back cover. If this is your first family reunion, create a collage of new and old photos of family members. Other suggestions include a drawing of the family tree, a single photo of an ancestor or your ancestral home.
Table of Contents
A Poem – One of my family members is a poet and volunteered to create a poem for the event.
·         Introduction
·         Letter from the local or state government
·         Listing of Reunion Committee members
·         Agenda for the reunion
·         Family Crest
·         Family Prayer
·         Lyrics to family song – several family members created a song years ago and we have someone sing it each reunion
·         Lyrics to “Lift Every Voice And Sing” – Everyone sings the spiritual
·         List of all who completed college and graduate school
·         List of all who served in the military (from civil war and up or just by branch of military and years served)
·         List of all who were born since the last reunion
·         List of all who died since the last reunion
·         Special tributes, achievements or milestones of any family member living or deceased
History of the Family
·         Diagram of the Main tree
o   History of the areas your family is from and/or a migration pattern map
o   US History timeline
o   History of slavery, emancipation, reconstruction, Jim Crow, civil rights and modern times
·         History of the main branch
o   Write a story – Don’t just give a list of who’s who, birth dates and death dates. Create an accurate portrayal of how your family came together. Keep it short but interesting.
o   Do not go into full detail, protect your research in case someone tries to take credit for your work.
o   Respect living members privacy and do not post birthdays of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren in case of identity thieves.
·         History of the sub branches
o   Same as above
·         Photos of people, places and records spread throughout the booklet.
o   We posted the oldest census record found, old military record and old marriage certificate.
o   We posted old photos of ancestral homes and churches
o   Photos of graves
o   Photos of ancestors
o   Recent photos of family
·         Ads or requests for donations
Back Cover – See recommendations for the front cover


  1. Gotta love those reunion books. We just voted at our last one to have available for those not attending a tshirt and book for sale as a option. Great Resources also for beginners.