Saturday, March 1, 2014

52 Ancestors: Meet Henry Murray

Out of the clear blue sky someone responded to a inquiry I made in the message boards in 2008. By the end of the conversation I had found a new cousin! He shared with me something priceless, a painting of my 4x great grandfather, Henry Murray. I dont have many old photos of family members in the past so this painting I will treasure.

Henry Murray, was born in April 1835 in Walterboro, Bowen District, Colleton County, SC. He was the mulatto son of Peter and Peggy Murray. Peter Murray was also a mulatto, the son of the slaveowner John Murray and his slave Tinah. Being a mulatto had its privileges. Henry was an overseer at one of the six plantations owned by Charles Heyward. Henry's mother Peggy was a cook at the Pleasant Hill Plantation. In 1861, Henry married Julia Ann Wallace b. 1840 in Green Pond, Heyward Township, Colleton Co., SC. Julia kept house and raised their 9 children and grandchildren in Heyward until 1919. Henry also had a 2nd family with Rebecca Gadsen b. 1863.

Henry was enrolled in the militia of Blake, Colleton in 1869. Henry was a farmer of his own land in Verdier, Colleton Co., SC from 1870 to 1910. Henry died in 1910. 

A special thanks to Clarence Murray III and Melissa Ford for these pictures. 

Click here for the link to the Charles Heyward Plantations of Colleton, SC. The Heyward family kept a detailed list of slaves and ages by the end of the Civil War.


  1. Great Find and Information. Hope you find his Deed and Military Record. Loved the Photo!

    1. Nice pic of Mr.Murray. I have ancestors that migrated from S.C.

  2. This is fantastic True Lewis - thanks for sharing this information about your 4x great grandfather. Nice painting I'd treasure it too if it were part of my family history as well.